About Us

The Silver City Flying Club Inc was founded in 1946 as a non-profit, 40-member equity ownership flying club. The club
members own two aircraft, a 1981 Cessna C-172P and a 1979 Piper Archer PA28-181. Both aircraft are IFR certified and
are rotated on a tri-monthly basis between Meriden Markham (MMK) & Robertson (4B8) airports. Rotation of the aircraft
allows the members the ability to fly each of the aircraft from their preferred airport. The Meriden Markham (MMK) airport
also has instrument approaches.

The Club holds a monthly meeting on the 3rd Thursday at 6:30pm at Robertson Airport, Plainville, CT in the conference room.
Members are encouraged to attend. A wash party is held at 4B8 prior to the meeting to wash the aircraft that is presently
based there. The Club conducts the January monthly meeting as a social event. This is a dinner meeting held at a
restaurant usually with a guest speaker; spouses and friends of members are welcomed.

Prospective new members are required to fill out an application and attend a monthly meeting. The application is
circulated throughout the membership for approval. Once approved the new member will get an orientation at the aircraft.
This orientation will be comprised of a review of our bylaws, tiedown method, time & fuel entries in the aircraft logbook,
removing & replacing the weather cover, scheduling procedures, billing, etc.

Monthly Fixed fee: $80.00**

1981 Cessna 172P: $130/hr wet

1979 Piper Archer PA28-181 : $145/hr wet

Both aircraft:
· Have had recent engine overhauls by Lycoming,
· Have good useful loads, 892lbs C-172, 975lbs PA28-181
· Have dual nav/coms
· Have 4 place intercoms
· Have large weather covers to protect them from the weather.
· Are meticulously maintained, oil changes every 50 hours
· Are maintained as IFR certified aircraft

  • The equity share price is established by the Club and transacted through the Club Treasurer, it is a “one time”
    purchase. New members are purchasing the share of an exiting member. An advantage to the “equity ownership” vs.
    other flying club’s “initiation fee” is that the member is free to sell their share and receive the proceeds of the sale. With
    an “initiation fee” type-flying club the initiation fee is paid up-front and not paid back upon the member’s departure from
    that club.
    ** The monthly fixed fee includes insurance coverage for the members in the Club aircraft.

Contact: Dave Mellert, President SCFC
Email: Please use contact form

Revised 10/19/23