Silver City Flying Club Bylaws

Silver City Flying Club, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “club”) is duly organized on this fourth day of November, 1946. The subscribers of the
corporation hereafter are referred to as members. The club is strictly a forty member club of which each member can subscribe for one share in the
club’s assets. Only persons holding a share are entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership. It shall be a strictly nonprofit organization
incorporated under the laws within the State of Connecticut.

SECTION I. The purpose of this organization is to improve the flying skills of the members and to provide them with aircraft for economical
transportation and recreation.

SECTION II. All members shall observe and obey the current FAA, state, local, airport, and Silver City Flying Club, Inc. laws, rules, and regulations
governing flight and use of aircraft. Each member is also responsible to be familiar with all the information contained in the monthly minutes.
The actions of any member violating the rules and/or regulations shall be reviewed by the officers of the club with the offending member. The officers
are empowered to take the following action:

  1. The member may have his/her flying privileges suspended for a period of time determined by the officers.
  2. The member may be expelled from the club and given sixty (60) days in which to sell his/her share. After that period of time the share will revert to
    the club. If the club is able to sell the share the member will be charged a $200 finders fee. Money owed the club will be deducted from the sale price
    and the remainder returned to the member.

All property purchased by club members with club funds are and shall remain the property of the Silver City Flying Club, Inc..

The Silver City Flying Club, Inc. shall have first option on any share being sold. All shares and monies shall be transferred through the club.

If the club should dissolve, all the club debts shall first be satisfied, and then each member will receive an equal share of the total assets of the club.

Members subscribing for a share will agree to hold it and pay all fees pertaining to it until such time as the share is transferred.

The club shall elect the following officers from the membership to serve a term of one year; President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary. Should no
one run for an office, the most recently elected President shall make an appointment which shall be confirmed by a majority vote of the members
attending the election meeting. The President shall appoint the engineering officer after consultation with the other officers. These officers and the
immediate President will comprise the Board of Directors. The President shall also appoint a Safety Coordinator.
In the event of the departure of any officer for any reason, the President or acting President shall appoint a member to assume the duties of the vacant
By a majority vote of the membership any officer may be subject to a recall vote for violation of club by-laws or for not fulfilling his or her official duties.

The President shall:

  1. Call and preside at all meeting of the organization. His/Her responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:
    a. Calling the meetings to order.
    b. Announce the sequence of business.
    c. Recognize members who are entitled to the floor.
    d. To state and put to vote all questions that legitimately come before the assembly as motions.
    e. To protect the assembly from frivolous or dilatory motions by refusing to accept them.
    f. To decide all questions of order, subject to appeal, and if a motion that is not in order is made, to rule it out of order.
    An appeal can be upheld by a two-thirds vote of the members present.
    g. To enforce the rules relating to debate and expedite business in every way compatible with the rights of members.
    h. To declare the meeting adjourned when the assembly so votes.
  2. Call Special meeting if required.
  3. Appoint a nominating committee to propose and submit a slate of new officers at the August meeting.
  4. Review the slate of officers and accept any nominations from the floor at the September meeting.
  5. Hold the annual election of officers at the October meeting.

The Vice President shall:

  1. Assist the President in all his duties and shall officiate in his absence.

The Treasurer shall:

  1. Collect all monthly fees, assessments, and other money received by the club.
  2. Deposit all money in the bank agreed upon by the officers of the club.
  3. Sign all checks along with the President or other officer as designated by the President.
  4. At each monthly meeting present a monthly financial report including all expenditures made the previous month.
  5. Keep tax returns and other official documents for a seven-year period and give them to the newly elected Treasurer.

The Secretary shall:

  1. Record the minutes of each meeting.
  2. Present written minutes at each meeting.
  3. Conduct the clubs official correspondence at the direction of the President.
  4. Keep official documents for a seven-year period and give them to the newly elected secretary.

The Engineering Officer shall:

  1. Direct the maintenance of the aircraft.
  2. Formulate rules for the mechanical operation of the airplanes.
  3. Maintain data entered into the aircraft log books.
  4. Decide what work is to be done on the aircraft.
  5. At each meeting, give an up to date written report on maintenance which has been performed or is pending.
  6. Maintain the aircraft scheduling system.

The Safety Coordinator shall:

  1. Keep updated documentation on each member. This includes but is not limited to BFR’s, Medical, Wing Certificates, insurance Forms
    and general member information.
  2. At each meeting, give an up to date report on issues relating to the Safety Coordinators job.

For any votes a quorum of members shall be present. A quorum requires at least eight members comprising of at least two officers one of whom must
be President or Vice President. All votes will be cast by each member in person or by mail to the President in accordance with the following provisions.

  1. Assessments, by-laws changes, major un-programmed expenditures or special issues as determined by the officers shall be decided by a majority
    of the votes cast by the membership. A thirty-day written notice shall be given to all members of a pending vote.
  2. Other issues as determined by the officers shall be determined by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting.

All monthly payments are to be sent to the Treasurer with any receipts from fuel at transient airports, parts, maintenance, and other miscellaneous items
so your bill may be credited.
Any member delinquent in payment for forty five (45) days from the date of billing may have his/her flying privileges suspended until his/her account is
current, and will be assessed a 2% interest penalty per month.
Any member delinquent in payment for sixty (60) days from the day of billing may have his/her membership cancelled and given sixty (60) days to sell
his/her share in the club. After that period of time the share shall revert to the club. If the club is able to sell the share, the member will be charged a
$200 finders fee. Money owed the club will be deducted from the sale price and the remainder returned to the member.

The club shall maintain hull and liability insurance on the aircraft operated by the club. The information on the aforementioned shall be available upon
Should an accident or incident occur, the member must report it to a club officer and to all other appropriate agencies. If the accident or incident results
in expenses for the club or a claim filed to an insurance company, the member who is pilot in command or who is responsible shall be liable for the

Interpretation of the by-laws will be referred to the officers of the club for consideration and clarification.

Flight rules will be proposed by the officers or by a motion from the floor. A vote of approval by a majority of members present at the meeting, shall make
the proposed rule a part of the flight rules.

Every member shall have a Private Pilot’s certificate to be eligible for flying privileges, but in order to exercise those privileges the member shall also be in compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations. Non-certificated pilots may acquire a share but will not be granted flying privileges until they are in compliance with this section.

A. 1. A list of prospective members compiled from written and postmarked requests shall be kept by the club Treasurer.
2. All current members shall be notified by mail of the potential new member for their approval or rejection.
3. After 10 days from the mailing of a potential new member’s application, if there is no request for rejection of the applicant
from the active membership, he/she will qualify for a share in the club.
4. He/she must attend a club meeting to officially confirm their membership.
B. 1. A list of members wishing to dispose of their club share will be kept by the club Treasurer.
2. The list shall be in order of postmarked written request to the Treasurer of the club.
3. The list shall be available to any member upon request to the Treasurer.

Only the pilot in command shall enter their name in the club log book. Any member found to have falsified any club record or club logs, may have their
flying privileges immediately suspended by the President. Further disciplinary action shall be decided by the club officers.

Club aircraft shall not be used to give flight instruction to anyone except club members. A Silver City Flying Club, Inc. member acting as a pilot in
command in the club aircraft shall fly in the left front seat. FAA rated instructors and members with the express written permission of the club President, and a proficiency check conducted by an instructor may fly from either the left or right front seat at their discretion. (09/01)

Upon written request to the Treasurer outlining a hardship necessitating a need to become an inactive member for an indefinite period of time, the club
officers shall decide whether to approve the member’s request. If the request is approved, the member shall have the quarterly minimum payment
waived. However, the monthly dues must be paid. The member’s flying privileges will be reinstated upon written notification to the Treasurer of
compliance with Section XIV of the By-Laws, and a satisfactorily completed check ride with an instructor.

Whenever the officers of the club cannot resolve an issue or difficulty it shall be submitted to a vote of the membership. A member who is subject to
expulsion shall have the right to have the issue voted upon (under the provisions of Section IX-1), but only after requesting such at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

New members will be subject to a six – month probationary period during which time flying privileges or membership may be suspended or revoked for
any reason. (09/98)
1) Flying privileges for probationary members may be suspended, on an immediate basis, by any officer for a period of 48 hours. Continuation of the
suspension for a longer period requires a majority vote of the officers.
2) Should a probationary member have his/her membership revoked, the club may buy back the share at the purchase price minus 5% and minus any
balances owed to the club.


  1. All Club meetings are normally held on the third Thursday of the month.
  2. Club members will be sent the minutes of monthly meeting and other pertinent information. This is the primary method of information
    dissemination and each member shall be familiar with its contents.
  3. All members are responsible for keeping their biennial and medical certificate information up to date with the Safety Coordinator.


  1. Aircraft reservations are made by either calling the Schedule Master telephone number 1-800-414-6114 or by logging on to their web site WWW.
    SCHEDULEMASTER.COM. Both services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Under no conditions are members to reserve both aircraft in the same time frame.
  3. No member shall reserve the aircraft for more than one entire weekend (2 or 3 consecutive days) per calendar quarter; nor shall they reserve the
    aircraft for more than one (1) entire week (up to nine (9) consecutive days) per year unless permission is given by the President or next available officer.
  4. If the plane is already reserved for the time you are requesting it, you may put yourself on backup using the Schedule Master system. If the first party
    cancels his/her flight, you will be notified of the cancellation by either e-mail, fax or pager (you choose one).
  5. Aircraft reservations are automatically canceled if not used after thirty minutes from starting time. The aircraft may then be reserved by any member
    using the Schedule Master system.
  6. Cancellation of reservations must be completed using the Schedule Master system. Also, if you return early the balance of your flight time must be
  7. If you cancel your reservation, using Schedule Master, see if anyone is on back-up and give them a call.
  8. Members scheduling the aircraft for (3) days or more away from the home area must advise the President or other officer of the duration and
  9. Any communication regarding the performance of the Schedule Master system shall be conducted by the club officers.


  1. Flying the aircraft outside of the Continental U.S.A. is prohibited unless permission is given by the President in writing. Special requirements are to
    be observed when flying to a foreign country.
  2. Any member wishing to take the airplane on an overnight flight must guarantee the club payment for (2) two hours’ flight time for each 24 hour period
    the aircraft is gone.
  3. Each member is required to fly two (2) hours as pilot in command in the club aircraft every calendar quarter. Any balance of the two hours not flown in each quarter of the quarters listed below will be charged a fine. If a member has not flown as pilot in command in a club aircraft for 180 days, they will be placed on the inactive list. When placed on the inactive list via this flight rule, a member will be notified by mail, subject to the quarterly minimum fines, and lose their flying privileges until the member contacts the club president or safety coordinator in writing requesting reinstatement. Re-instatement of the flying privileges will be given on a temporary basis, until the member completes a check-out in both club aircraft to the satisfaction of a CFI, approved by the club officers.
    a) 1st quarter January, February, March
    b) 2nd quarter April, May, June
    c) 3rd quarter July, August, September
    d) 4th quarter October, November, December
  4. All new members or those who were inactive will be checked out in each of the club’s aircraft by a Certified Flight Instructor, and annotated by the C.F.I. in the club’s flight logbook.
  5. Before all flights, check flight log book to see that the tach time is correct. If there’s a discrepancy annotate such in the flight log. Actual flight time
    (tach time) shall constitute payable time, to the nearest tenth. If the hundredths digit reads 5 or more, add one tenth to the flight time.
  6. All Flight time shall be logged in the club flight logbook. Time will be accounted for in hours and tenth of hours.
    The aircraft should be operated at least .5 tach time and the member will be charged at least that much unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  7. Planes should be serviced after each flight. Record the amount of oil, fuel and name of airport that the plane was serviced at in the right hand
    columns of the flight log sheets. Log each purchase separately. Use two lines if necessary and sign all receipts at the home airport.
    If you return to the home airport when fuel is unavailable, call the FBO the following morning.
  8. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in all club aircraft.
  9. Equipment is not to be transferred from one plane to the other unless authorized by the Engineering Officer.
  10. Do not check the operation of the ELT. This function will be performed by the Engineering Officer.
  11. Always check the squawk book before each flight.
    If you notice any defect with the aircraft during preflight or post flight, record it in the squawk book and contact the Engineering officer or other officer.
    Ground the aircraft only if the defect is critical to the operations of the aircraft and you cannot contact an officer. Do so by putting a grounded sign on the
    yoke, inform everyone by posting a message on Schedule Master and inform the next member on the schedule. Keep trying to contact an officer.
  12. Post flight procedures include installation of the gust lock, closing of all vents, baggage door and other doors locked, console and exterior covers
    installed, all electrical switches off, refueling and the aircraft tied down.
  13. For any incident or accident follow all FAR’s and contact the President, Vice President, or Engineering officer as soon as possible. Get a full list of
    information from all parties involved.
  14. It is the member’s responsibility to pay all parking and land fees.
  15. Appropriate precautions shall be taken when leaving the aircraft unattended.
  16. Use of the club planes for the AOPA Pinch Hitter Course or charity flights etc. will be determined by the club officers.


  1. Oil is kept in the rear of the plane. Contact Engineering Officer if little or none is left. If oil level when engine is cold is down 1 1/2 quarts, add 1 quart
    of oil.
  2. Oil is changed after fifty hours. If you see the oil needs to be changed, call the Engineering Officer.
  3. Check tires. Mains take 29 lbs. And the nose tire 31 lbs.
  4. In the winter when the temperature is below 20 degrees f., have the engine preheated. The club pays for it.
  5. Do not use scrapers or any objects that may scratch the plane’s surface to remove frost or ice.
  6. If the battery is too low to start the engine have the FBO jump it for you. The club pays for it. If that does not work have them remove the battery and
    charge it. Notify the Engineering Officer if this is required. Each plane has an outside opening for jump starting. The Piper has a 12 volt system and the Cessna a 24 volt system.
  7. Use proper leaning procedures as recommended by Avco-Lycoming in the PILOTS OPERATING HANDBOOK.
  8. Operate within operating limitations of the aircraft at all times.
  9. Only the Engineering Officer, President, or Treasurer are allowed to authorized repair services at the home airport. If work must be performed
    elsewhere in order to get to your destination, contact Engineering Officer if possible; however, if there is any doubt have the work done. Ensure you
    receive a copy of the bill and a statement of the work done. Mail them with your monthly statement to the treasurer.
  10. Radio switches in both planes are to be left on, Shut off radios by turning off the RADIO MASTER switch only.
  11. The club will reimburse half of the expense for hanger fees for the airplane over night, in place of preheat. (12/01)
  12. If a member becomes stranded and cannot return with the plane on time, the member must check with Schedule Master and contact any member
    that has the plane reserved. In addition, if the member is expecting a lengthy delay (more than 24 hours) an officer shall be notified.
  13. The club will schedule in the monthly minutes a time and date before a monthly meeting that one or two of the airplane interiors and exteriors will be
    cleaned, vacuumed, washed, and waxed weather permitting, (per officers judgement in attendance). Scheduled time shall be at 5:30 PM. All member
    not in attendance while the planes are being washed will be assessed a fee of $5.00 on their monthly statement.(12/01)

Club Rules for SCFC Hanger at MMK

Unless prior permission is granted by the Club President, or revised by a majority vote membership, the following rules will apply for
operations in the Hanger at Meriden Markham Airport.

  1. Only SCFC owned items will be stored in the Hanger.
  2. Per our Lease with the City of Meriden, no vehicles are allowed in the Hanger.
  3. Club owned items shall not be removed from the Hanger without prior permission from a Club Officer.
  4. The Hanger doors are to be closed and locked in the absence of club members.
  5. The Hanger is only to used for Club sanctioned functions.
  6. Members are to clean up after themselves.
  7. The Side entry door with the combination lock will be the primary pedestrian door.
  8. The entry door in the large bi-fold door will remain locked.
  9. The aircraft will be stored with the Nose facing in to the rear wall.
    10.When opening the large bi-fold door, open it to its full open position, (the automatic door shut off), when moving the aircraft in or out of the Hanger.
    No partial opening is allowed when moving the aircraft in or out of the Hanger.
  10. A Hand Winch attached to the rear wall is provided should a member need assistance pulling the aircraft into the Hanger.
  11. Attach the proper Tow Bar to the nose wheel of the aircraft, unwind the cable with the rope from the Winch, and put the loop ends of the rope over the
    handles of the Tow Bar. Wind the Winch to pull the aircraft into the Hanger. Store the cable, rope, and Tow Bar in their proper places.
  12. The aircraft is to be left secured as if it were left outside, except for the canvas cover, i.e. doors are to be locked, gust lock, cowl plugs, and pitot cover
    are to be installed.

Club Rules for SCFC Aircraft when on Public Display
Only SCFC Members are allowed inside the aircraft.
Members are to be vigilant in watching the public so not to allow the public to:
Open or close doors
Place objects on the aircraft
Placing fingers, hands & feet and/or leaning on areas that could damage the aircraft or injure the person. i.e. control surfaced, fairings,wheels, etc.

Silver City Flying Club Shares for Transfer Policy.

  1. Each member is responsible for the transfer of their share of the club if they wish to leave. When a member finds a prospective purchaser of their
    share, they may negotiate any price, as long as all assessments and charges have been paid in full at the time of the transfer.
    2. If a member asks the club for help in the transfer of a share, the following rules will apply:
    A) The club officers will suggest a price for the share and the members will vote to approve it.
    B) The price will stay in effect for at least 3 months. At which time members can ask for it to be reviewed.
  2. Any share sold will have all assessments and charges paid in full. The new owner will start with a zero balance.
  3. A finders fee of $100.00 will be paid to the club, by the selling member.
  4. The club will maintain a list of members with shares for transfer and the shares will be sold in the order in which they where put up for transfer.
    Members should send their notice to sell shares to the president or treasurer.
  5. Any share owned by the club will be sold first.
  6. The club will advertise shares for transfer with a majority vote by the members present at the meeting.
  7. All transfers of shares will go through the treasurer. The prospective member will pay Silver City Flying Club for the share, the club will then issue a
    check to the former member less any outstanding charges.

Members may not have more than five reservations at any one time without prior approval from a club officer.
Members may not reserve the club planes for use during club meetings without prior approval from a club officer.

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